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my book

      destiny of the stars  

   It was cold and gloomy afternoon and I had just got out of school. “brrrrrrrrr” I shivered walking across the street. I looked around as I watched other kids walk on the other side of the street talking to their friends, listening to their ipods, or  talking/texting on their phone. Then I spotted her the girl of my dreams. She is one of my best friends but I had never been able to get out of the friend zone with her but I still have a crush on her. She is just so beautiful long curly brown hair, nice brown eyes that seemed to light up when she is happy and you cant forget her amazing smile. I watched as she smiled and laughed about a joke someone had said. Beep Beep “watch where your going you stupid kid” A stranger in a car said as he drove away “fuck you.” I said flipping him off as he drove off. I continued to walk as I turned the corner to go home but I found myself coming to a stop. There I saw a drug dealer selling some coke to another person. The drug dealer turned and looked at me “what the fuck are you looking at.” he yelled as I walked away. “great’ I whispered as I turned the corner to see the girl that was madly in love with me. Her name is Hyorin. (horr-in) I mean don’t get me wrong she is a good looking girl nice curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice coka-cola figure but just like the girl I like I grew up with her and she’s not my type. “hi Carlos” she yelled waving to me. I waved back and continued walking toward her. But before I knew it she was running up to me probably to ask how my day was. “ so how was your day” Hyorin asked as she started to walk with me “ just peachy” I said in a sarcastic voice “ that didn’t sound so convincing” she said looking down “it wasn’t supposed” I said kicking rock “so what happened” she asked staring at me “same thing that always happens” I said checking the time on my phone “I’m guessing you tried to talk to Bora (borr-a) again” Hyorin asked in a sad voice “yep but I still just don’t have the balls to do it yet” I said putting my phone back in my pocket “you’ll do it sometime, maybe its just not the right time” Hyorin said hoping that I would smile “ya…….. I doubt that” I said turning another corner “man you lack self confidence” Hyorin said following me around the corner “no I don’t” I said in a defensive voice “now that I think of it your also a little close minded” she said ignoring what I had just said “don’t you have somewhere to go” I said out of aggravation “oh I’m sorry to bother you” Hyorin said in a sad voice as she walked away “Hyorin wait” I said knowing what I had just said was wrong “yes” she said turning around “would you maybe want to go to dinner later” I said out of desperation “sure” said smiling “ok I’ll pick you up at seven o’clock” I said surprised she would say after me acting like a douche “k’then I’ll talk to you later” “alright bye” I said walking away. I got home around four o’clock and hung my jacket on the coat rack. “mom I’m home” I yelled to find out she wasn’t home “well that’s a first” I said sarcastically 

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